LabDiet® Investment

The most significant and exciting Advancement in Laboratory Animal Diet Manufacturing for Decades!

As requirements for LabDiet® products in Europe continues to grow, IPS is delighted to announce that PMI LabDiet® is taking the manufacturing of laboratory animal diets to a new level with industry-leading technology and manufacturing facilities. Advancements implemented to date include:

LabDiet® Production Facilities

  • Human food grade ingredient receiving system – enclosed areas to reduce ingredient cross-over
  • Upgraded in-house laboratory allows expansion of ingredient and finished product testing
  • Human food grade management system of critical micro-ingredients – assures continuous on-line inventory management
  • Four segregated production areas
  • State of the art pellet, drying and cooling systems
  • Industry leading vacuum packing systems for Isolator and barrier technology
  • Innovative Dry Ice Cleaning Procedures – to ensure regular and effective cleaning of manufacturing equipment without water or chemicals
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