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Cutting edge nutrition for your research models

IPS are the exclusive distributor of LabDiet® products in Europe and beyond ensuring that global supply of the LabDiet® formulations is a reality.

LabDiet® products use a Managed Formulation systems that deliver CONSTANT NUTRITION® to your research protocols – this process removes climate driven uncertainty in grain stocks and assures control in the final product.

Standard Diets:

LabDiet® products are used in research institutions throughout the world. Our innovative products meet the increasing demands of the research community.

Certified Diets:

Certified LabDiet® can save you time and money in your efforts to meet the requirements of the FDA’s Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) program. Products are assayed prior to shipment. Each lot is certified not to exceed maximum concentrations of key contaminants.

Irradiated Diets:

Treatment process which assures you of reliable microbial control and virtually bacteria-free, sanitized diets.

Enrichment Diets:

Lab animals benefit from environmental enrichment adapted to the particular behavioral characteristics of their species (or their individual personality) to stimulate both physical and mental activity. We produce a comprehensive array of food products designed to provide not only enrichment, but sound nutrition as well.

Further information or enquiries:

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