Environmental Enrichment

Quality assured products of excellent design, proven efficiency and ease of use

  The IPS range of Environmental Enrichment products are carefully chosen for their design, quality assured manufacture, proven efficiency and ease of use. A wide variety of Housing and Nesting Materials, Chewsticks, Gnawing Blocks and Forage Feeds help to keep animals physically active, whilst providing an enriched environment.

Wooden Chewblocks

Chew Blocks are produced from carefully selected Aspen trees. No pesticides or other chemicals are used during growth or processing of these trees.

The manufacturing process produces uniform size blocks, which have been hot air dried. This ensures a microbiologically clean product. Levels of heavy metals & pesticide contaminants
are consistently below limits set as satisfactory for animal diets. These limits are accepted by major UK & European Laboratories for diets fed for animals on studies carried out in
accordance with good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations.