Environmental Enrichment

Quality assured products of excellent design, proven efficiency and ease of use

  The IPS range of Environmental Enrichment products are carefully chosen for their design, quality assured manufacture, proven efficiency and ease of use. A wide variety of Housing and Nesting Materials, Chewsticks, Gnawing Blocks and Forage Feeds help to keep animals physically active, whilst providing an enriched environment.

Cellu Dome Video

Cellu Rodent Dome

Lightweight, disposable Enrichment Domes – a fantastic and environmentally friendly alternative to heavier plastic options on the market.

• Cost effective Does not require any time-consuming and costly cleaning after use.
• Clean Cellu Rodent Domes are made of virgin cellulose fibres.
• Certified Cellu Rodent Domes are screened for contaminants.
• Water resistant This is obtained through a cellulose densifying process, which means
  optimum durability.
• Environment friendly made from renewable materials and comply with PEFC standards.

DESCRIPTION: Half sphere shaped shelter made of virgin cellulose. Dimensions: 110mm x 60mm. Two holes: 30mm diameter. Weight: 8g approx.

PACKING: 480 pieces per box. Gross weight per box: 4kg.