Eco-Friendly Bamboo-based Wet Wipes
& Absorbent Rolls

BenchGuard® & Tray Liners

High absorbency papers - protecting your work surfaces from harmful spills

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Based Cleansing Wet Wipes


• Kills 99.9% of bacteria
• Made from 80% eco-friendly bamboo fibres
• Fully biodegradable and sustainable
• Ideal for use in isolators and change stations
• Outperforms commonly used polypropylene (plastic) wet wipes
• Ecotax 100 certified with non-harmful substances
• Approved with zero recorded irritation on all skin types
• 80 wet wipes in re-sealable tubs, supplied 8 tubs per box


Bamboo canes grow like grass at rates of up to two feet a day. Bamboo is nature’s answer to
our needs for everyday wipes in an environmentally sustainable form. If organic wipes made
from bamboo become popular, it would lead to more bamboo plantations, which would result
in less deforestation and more oxygen for mankind. Because of these wipes’ strength and
durability, it makes them ideal for spillages, chemicals and more! Bamboo stock used is grown