Bedding & Nesting

Creating a natural environment for the well-being of your animals

The IPS range of Nesting and Bedding products are carefully chosen for their quality assured manufacture, proven efficiency and ease of use. Our products help to keep animals physically active, whilst caring for their health, and provides the enriched environment they deserve.

Download Lignocel Bedding Data Sheet

Lignocel Bedding

High quality hygienic litter for laboratory and breeding needs. The clean, natural answer for modern animal care.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Almost completely dust free
  • Produced from untreated raw materials (spruce/fir) biodegradable
  • Full batch analysis
  • Range of packaging types available

Lignocel animal litter can be used with all types of animals.

  • Lignocel 3/4 fibres – especially suited to animal breeding. The soft fibres are optimal for nest building
  • Lignocel S8/15 granulate – the ideal litter for animal breeding. The granulate can be easily removed from cages
  • Lignocel BK8/15 granulate – superior quality for animal breeding
  • Lignocel soft wood pellets – developed specially for automatic cage equipment. Pellets are not steam autoclavable.

GRADES: BK8/15, FS14, Select, Select Fine, 3/4S, S8/15, 2/2, Flake