Bedding & Nesting

Creating a natural environment for the well-being of your animals

The IPS range of Nesting and Bedding products are carefully chosen for their quality assured manufacture, proven efficiency and ease of use. Our products help to keep animals physically active, whilst caring for their health, and provides the enriched environment they deserve.


Happi-Mats consist of a small square mat of non-woven fibres, manufactured from 100% hemp-stem with no other additives present. The hemp crop is harvested late summer and the raw material is dried in airflow of 60º – 70ºC before decortication.

It can be conveniently placed into rodent cages as a supplement to their normal bedding material. The nature of the product is appealing to animals and encourages them to actively redistribute it to make a soft natural nest.

Especially suited to the nesting behaviour of rodents.