Bedding & Nesting

Creating a natural environment for the well-being of your animals

The IPS range of Nesting and Bedding products are carefully chosen for their quality assured manufacture, proven efficiency and ease of use. Our products help to keep animals physically active, whilst caring for their health, and provides the enriched environment they deserve.

BCell8 Cellulose Bedding

High Absorbency and practically dust free bedding.

Perfectly suitable for GLP studies, and individually ventilated cage (IVC) systems. BCell8 is produced in compliance with a specific process which guarantees consistency of product. Certificate of analysis is available as standard.


  • Raw material: Pure Cellulose
  • Grain size : 4mm / 8mm
  • Density: 200 to 220 kgs/m3
  • Absorbency : 9 to 10 times its weight in water ( SCAN-C33/80 standard)
  • Dust level less than 355μ : 0,025%
  • Moisture: less than 10 %