Z-Nest This nesting product is made from high quality paper base materials and cut into strips. An ideal alternative enrichment product for rodents. Available in 5kg sacks.

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Nestlets NESTLETS are the perfect nesting material; they retain the warmth without obstructing airflow or humidity. Inert and non-digestible, NESTLETS will not compact, form threads or ligatures. They are soft and absorbent and non-irritating even to young pups. NESTLETS utilises the inherent instinct of rodents to shred and build nests. The act of shredding is […]

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Happi Mats

Happi-Mats Happi-Mats consist of a small square mat of non-woven fibres, manufactured from 100% hemp-stem with no other additives present. The hemp crop is harvested late summer and the raw material is dried in airflow of 60º – 70ºC before decortication. It can be conveniently placed into rodent cages as a supplement to their normal […]

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BCell8 Cellulose Bedding High Absorbency and practically dust free bedding. Perfectly suitable for GLP studies, and individually ventilated cage (IVC) systems. BCell8 is produced in compliance with a specific process which guarantees consistency of product. Certificate of analysis is available as standard. Characteristics: Raw material: Pure Cellulose Grain size : 4mm / 8mm Density: 200 […]

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Paper Shavings

Paper Shavings Long Paper Nesting available in 10kg bags.

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Dust-Free Shavings

Dust-Free Shavings IPS can now supply additional pack sizes which are both easy to handle and much easier to store, taking up less space. Available Irradiated and vacuum packed, in 5kg unique compressed bales.

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Hay Bales

Hay Bales Good quality hay packed and supplied in irradiated packaging to suit your requirements. Call us for details on the range of pack sizes that can be offered.

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Lignocel Bedding High quality hygienic litter for laboratory and breeding needs. The clean, natural answer for modern animal care. Highly absorbent Almost completely dust free Produced from untreated raw materials (spruce/fir) biodegradable Full batch analysis Range of packaging types available Lignocel animal litter can be used with all types of animals. Lignocel 3/4 fibres – […]

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Corn Cob

EuroCob Corn Cob is one of the most absorbent beddings available on the market today IPS supply two different grades from the EuroCob range, all of which are dust free: EU-GRITS 8/10 EU-GRITS 10/14 Corncob granules are clean, chemically inert and capable of absorbing up to seven times their weight in a water based substance.

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